Young People

The Connecting the Dales project ran from July 2011 to March 2015 and has now finished, though many of the initiatives started by the project will continue. This website is maintained as an archive of the project.


DITA carried out a great deal of work with young people, as they are particularly affected by transport issues, and in particular the price of transport.

Much of this work was carried out in conjunction with the Youth Councils across the area, and in particular the North Yorkshire Youth Council. Their website can be accessed via DITA has worked extensively with the Youth Council in developing the One Way £1 Fare scheme. The youth council were consulted in developing the scheme, and actively market the scheme for DITA. This is by way of social media, and also distributing posters and flyers across the area. Members of the youth council have also taken part in radio interviews, live broadcasts and in press articles.

Educational Programmes

DITA also carried out two educational schemes with young people. The Riot Act carried out a tour in late 2012 of nine schools across the Dales, conducting a series of workshops with a theme on sustainable travel. Following the workshops, the pupils took part in a ‘Dragon’s Den’ style task, which culminated in a final day event in November with judges from the transport sector and prizes. The winning school were Richmond School, who have won a day out for the class at Lightwater Valley. 

In addition to this, NYBEP worked with 6th formers across the Dales, providing challenges for students to undertake as part of their ICT coursework.

The Riot Act carried out a tour
of nine school across the Dales